Saturday, September 15, 2012

GAMEDAY: Miss St 30-24 Final

Crowd early in first. Filled in on top left since then some.

I can post some pictures, but my phone service is struggling to get them sent to my e-mail or twitter. Maybe that will correct itself. (6:03 p.m., finally got my service to work)

Injury-wise, D.J. Taylor and Ethan Davis still out, but I can confirm the physical existence of D.J., whom I haven't seen in a while. I don't see right guard Zach Johnson even here (Concussion) and I'd guess Jimmie Arnold starts at right guard, but we'll see at kickoff.

Long lines outside each entrance into Veterans Memorial Stadium. If they're checking for cowbells - while letting Troy students have thundersticks - there will be plenty of fans who don't get in the stadium in time.

I'll try to update this at the end of each quarter but will be on the field during the game.

END FIRST - Mississippi State leads Troy 10-7. Trojans had a nice 81-yard drive, capped off by Southward 1-yard run. Good defensive start, but Albert dropped a punt and MSU recovered at the Troy  40, and later scored.

HALFTIME - MSU leads Troy 23-7. Troy has 4 turnovers and MSU has scored TDs after three. Trojans missed a 26-yard FG by Scott in final seconds of first half. Troy outgaining MSU 322-225, Corey Robinson is 21 of 30 for 233 yards.

END THIRD - Troy cuts it to 23-14 on Southward's TD run. Record attendance at Veterans Memorial Stadium 29,013.

FINAL - MSU won 30-24, see links above. Sorry didn't get to update it toward end of game.

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