Monday, September 3, 2012

Monday quick hits/video

Here's some video with Corey Robinson

**The press conference transcript from the TV room is HERE.

**Troy won't have running back D.J. Taylor again this week, but he is at practice and just waiting to get cleared to actually do some work. They really felt like Justin Albert's work at running back was a difference in the game and Khary Franklin had a nice 10-yard run.

**Deon Anthony was actually 2-of-2 for 27 yards and Corey Robinson was 11-of-19 for 169 yards in the last game. Stats got a little messed up.

**Anthony QBed most of the drive which started on the 2-yard line, but on third and goal, Robinson went back in because the play call was a play where Robinson has to be the QB. If this were Game 6, Deon might could have stayed in. The mistake there, coach Kenny Edenfield said, was not throwing the ball away, but they feel like they learned a lot from that play.

**Great chat with senior De'Von Terry. He learned on Feb. 1, 2010, that he had a spot on Troy's team. Also, his son was born. Since then, he's worked sometimes two jobs at once to make his tuition payments, etc. His story is one of the better ones I've come across since I've been covering Troy and I'll have it written for tomorrow's paper.

**Coach Larry Blakeney on this  challenge ahead: "They’re a very good team, championship caliber last year, went to a bowl, handed it to us down there last year. It’s a different game, different set of circumstances, it’s here and not there. I’ve got to think we’ve got a chance. We’re going to try to get ready to play. I think we’ll have to get a lot better this week and play a lot better than we did last week to play this game, certainly. You should be better from Week 1 to Week 2."

**Blakeney on how his team got better after playing a formidable opponent like UAB as opposed to a lower-division school: " I think maybe a game where we had to play to come out with a win makes you grow and maybe understand or learn from that experience how hard you have to play and how perfectly you have to play and mistakes, what they can cost you, anything from a missed tackle to a missed assignment to a penalty to a turnover.

"We had good meetings yesterday and our coaches on both sides of the ball and special teams pointed out negatives that could have cost us and positives that helped us win. Everything went well with that and we’ll learn a lot from that game. We had to overcome the elements and overcome adversity. We had to play without a couple of guys and help monitor Shawn and stick Albert back there, who did a great job. His play in the game might have been a difference in the game because he gave Shawn (a chance) to stay as fresh as he possibly two. Those two guys (Albert and Khary Franklin) giving Shawn a break made all kind of difference out there."
***Blakeney took the heat for UAB recovering the "bunt" (onside kick) to start the second half. He also said he thought two UAB players were at least a yard offsides.

**We were talking with Chip Reeves about his speed, which he said was a 4.34 40-yard run. Jokinglyy I asked him if he could beat Usain Bolt and at first he said no way, but then, "I believe I could beat Usain if he comes and races me on Troy's field."

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