Sunday, September 9, 2012

Postgame links, a few thoughts

Troy's Shawn Southward (20) stiff-arms Louisiana-Lafayette's Emeka Onyenekwu (45) / Max Oden

**Just going to post the links. GAMER, NOTES and JON COLUMN.

**Corey Robinson looked pretty beat up after coming to the press conference. He looked like he had a hurt foot (limp) and said he had his left shoulder pop out during the game and get popped back in. Corey's a tough kid though so it would be a shock to see him miss any time.

**Zach Johnson, Troy's starting right guard, got injured late in the game. I don't know what the injury was, but it didn't look good when he was coming off. Hopefully he won't have to miss any time but who knows.

**ULL radio announcer Jay Walker, who knows the league backward and forward, mentioned in our Q and A about how he felt like the Cajuns had better personnel. You may disagree with him, but he was right. To me, Troy looks like the team it used to pound during its recent success. ULL controlled both lines of scrimmage and played a bend but don't break defense. Troy had 588 yards of total offense, sure to skewer some national stats on ULL's defense, which I thought was pretty good. Troy held ULL to 389, which will improve its defensive numbers, but I didn't think Troy's defense was particularly impressive after two very good series to open the game. Bottom line, ULL did a lot of things right to win this game.

**I think ULL quarterback Terrance Broadway will be a Player of the Year candidate before he leaves. Larry Blakeney is a fan of injured starter Blaine Gautier but after the game, said it was clear to him that Broadway is better.

**Troy kicked the ball fine, but really had trouble in the return game all the way around.

**The crazy play where the young man pictured above from ULL got the interception on a shovel pass in all that traffic, Robinson described it as a play where it bounced off a lineman's back (who was laying on the ground) and the guy got it before it hit the ground. Tough to see it from where we were but it was certainly a bad moment for the Trojans.

**You know who looked pretty good with the ball in his hands? BJ Chitty. Hope to see more of that. Chandler Worthy actually had a very good game, but unfortunately it'll be remembered for that fumble which ULL got and scored a touchdown.

**On the two botched fourth down plays in ULL territory, one in the first half being down 20-7 and another in the second half on fourth and an inch, Blakeney said he felt like they needed more than just a field goal to stay in the game and felt like he was right.

**Run game wasn't good. Blakeney mentioned that he thought it looked like Troy would have a crease, but something would close at the last second or a ULL guy would do just enough to stop the runner, maybe a strong arm tackle, etc.

**Whether you like it or not, ULL isn't going anywhere south as long as Mark Hudspeth is there. He's a very fiery guy and that rubs opponents the wrong way, but the guy just builds winners. ULL and Western Kentucky are going to be, far and away, the most physical teams in the Sun Belt. And then ULM wins at Arkansas? Troy has a long road ahead and needs that facility built sooner to get some more talented players in.

**I thought the crowd of only 17,000+ was pretty weak after what Troy did last week against UAB. Not that the crowd wins or loses games, but for a home opener, those guys deserved a little bit better.

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  1. true the guys deserved more people there, but it says something when the team won't even acknowledge the few students that stuck it out and stayed till the end.