Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Saturday key matchup: Reeves vs. Banks

Johnthan Banks intercepts a pass against Auburn / Associated Press

A key matchup Saturday will be Troy wide receiver Chip Reeves vs. Mississippi State cornerback Johnthan Banks.

Chip Reeves hauls in a pass against UAB / Associated Press
Reeves has 10 catches for 162 yards and a touchdown this year and is a great deep threat. Banks has two interceptions, both of which came last week in Mississippi State's 28-10 win over Auburn.

"They've got one of the best corners in the (SEC) and the other guy (Darius Slay) ain't too bad himself," Troy offensive coordinator Kenny Edenfield said. "Banks plays on our left side so he'll be on Chip for the most part.

"What they're good at is they're very athletic, they have experiences and they take chances. When you take chances, two things are going to happen. You’re going to make plays and possibly you can have things happen over the top of you. They play zone coverage and are good at reading the quarterback. We like the challenge. We did a good study this summer and we’re going to add their first two games from this season to go along with it."

Troy quarterback Corey Robinson also has a high opinion of Banks.

"Keeping it away from him, man (is what we have to do)," Robinson said. "I have to put the ball on the right spot. This week, it’s going to be the little stuff. Putting the ball a couple of inches this way, a couple of feet that way. He’s obviously a top cornerback in the nation that we’re going to see this week. I have to be on my A-game this week, just as the receivers need to. It’s going to have to be a joint effort if we want to beat these guys."

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